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Human Rights

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Human Rights

Human Rights should ensure that an individual is guaranteed certain rights and freedoms. Among the most important are civil and political rights, freedom of speech and assembly, and the order to provide safety and equality to every individual. A major development towards Human Rights took place by the United Rights took place by the United Nations in 1948. A thirty page outline was adapted to declare a Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Injustices and violations occur everywhere but not as severe in Western civilizations. Third World Countries like India and in Asian cultures such as China believe in abiding by much stricter rules and regulations.

The Problems and violations occurred early on in both of the regions, but still exist and effect many people's lives. In India the untouchables evolved from the caste system developed by an early Aryan custom. Such activities as talking and looking at other classes, drinking out of certain wells or even visiting some temples were forbidden. It now exists in rural parts of India including Bihar and in Southern Tamil Nadu, shunning about 160 million people in rank. The deaths and torture which have occurred in Tibet as a result of the Chinese invasion is staggering too. It started in 1949 and up to date has killed over 1.2 million Tibetans. After the mass invasion, Tibet represented a prison camp or labor camp for most people.

Society, government, and religion are examples of reasons that started racism and bias opinions against others. For example religion was instrumental in forming the caste system that led to the untouchables. No one dared to associate with anyone lower than themselves or they would in fact degrade or have to get purified. In Tibet, China's government claimed that they wanted to reform and introduce a new political system to them. Before the over take, under the rule of the 14th Balai Lama, Tibet was under feudal serfdom including it's land and owning slaves. Since the reform of 1959, China oversees every aspect and has the ultimate power of rule. The Chinese legal system does not operate by presuming one's innocence until proven guilty.

Economic sanctions are thought not to be the best way to stop the violations against Tibet. In 1987, Dalai Lama wanted to attempt a peaceful resolution and came up with a Five Point Peace Plan. The Five key points were to transform Tibet into peace, abandon the transfer policy, respect human rights, restore the environment, and commencement negotiations between Tibet and China.

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China rejected the proposal and in 1993 Tibet tried communicating once again but the Chinese still did not want to compromise with the Dalai Lama.

The United Nations tries to uphold the standards of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Societies have different ethical and moral codes. The Western Worlds believe in personal freedom and helping others but Third Would countries have standards regarding self-discipline and order. It seems there are barriers in the way regarding human decency but progressed because of India's form of religion and China's government in Tibet. In Tibet peaceful demonstrations take place but China resists any sanctions. Neither the government of India or China puts a stop to the murders of cruelty that rages in streets. India's perception is to look down on what they consider to be meaningless jobs. History has seemed to pass down traditions to the untouchables and the Tibetans that would seclude them and ignore the rights which the individual was born to initially have.

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Written by RobinWrite

In the Western World, it is easy to think that what happens in a country located thousands of miles away from us has little to no impact on us. As a global village, however, human rights violations in one corner of the globe have a direct impact on every human on the planet, whether we realize it or not. While it may be easier to turn a blind eye to what is happening in a far-flung corner of the earth, it’s actually not in anyone’s best interest to do so. Here are 10 reasons why human rights are important to us all.

1. Keeps population density under control

When individuals live in war-torn countries or areas where severe human rights violations occur, they naturally want to escape. This often leads to a mass exodus to countries and nations that extend basic human rights to their citizens. This in turn can lead to overcrowding and place a severe strain on the public resources offered in free societies. When we work hard to ensure that basic human rights are being honored in an individual’s own country, they have no reason to mass emigrate to other countries.

2. Reduces war

When individuals are having their basic human rights denied or violated, it is natural to want to fight back. In fact, it is almost impossible to not do so. Human rights violations almost always benefit one group of people at the expense of another. Most human beings are only capable of tolerating the violation of their personhood up to a point before needing to fight back. This often results in war, which eventually brings about intense poverty, which in turn again places a strain on the resources of more democratic nations. When we address the underlying issue – human rights violations – before they erupt into outright conflict or civil war, we vastly reduce the amount of resources cleaning up the aftermath entails.

3. Reduces poverty

Again, it is important to understand that in most cases, human rights violations occur as a result of one group of people preying upon another. This generally results in severe economic imbalances among other things. In essence, the rich simply get richer and richer while the poor get poorer and poorer. Eventually, it becomes incumbent upon wealthier nations to step in and address the severe poverty issues. Ultimately, it is again more economically viable for wealthier nations to address the initial human rights violations before they result in rampant poverty that must be addressed.

4. What you are not against, you are for

Ultimately, when we refuse to stand up for basic human rights, we are condoning the violation of them. That alone is reason enough to get involved in protecting human rights.

5. What we stand against in other nations affects policy in our own

When we don’t care about policies or practices affecting women, the poor or the LGBTQ community in other nations, we are communicating that we don’t care about the importance of human rights in our own. When we demonstrate we don’t care about the importance of human rights in our own countries, we essentially set our own law and policy makers free to discriminate against these individuals. This will eventually will lead to human rights violations in our own countries, which will eventually have a direct impact on our own human rights.

6. You are a human and your rights matter

It is actually an impossibility to say that the rights of some humans matter, while the rights of others do not. If human rights matter, they matter to us all. If other humans are not entitled to basic human rights, then essentially neither are you.

7. What we stand for or against sends a message to our own children and young people

Children in particularly are highly affected by the issues and causes we do and do not stand for or against. In addition, thanks to a global media and the internet, children are becoming more and more exposed to global politics and geopolitical climates. When we turn a blind eye to gross human rights violations against women, we are sending a message to our girls that the rights of women do not matter. When we turn a blind eye to gross violations against the LBGTQ community in other nations, we are sending a message to our young LGBTQ community members that their rights also do not matter to us. When we actively fight to protect the basic human rights of all people we communicate to our own young people that they matter just as their own human rights matter.

8. Protecting the human rights of others has a direct impact on members of our military

In times of war, opposing militaries both occupy the same space and regularly capture members of the opposing military. How one countries’ soldiers are treated is often largely dependent by how their own military members are treated by the other country. When we fail to recognize the importance of human rights for even members of an opposing military, we open the door for them to violate the human rights of our own military members they capture. Honoring the human rights of military members our own country captures does not guarantee that our own military member’s rights will be honored, but it does go a long way towards ensuring that it does. In addition, it sends a message that the importance of human rights is such an important issue that it even applies to militaries in times of war – as it should.

9. Our stance on human rights affects our relationships with even our allies

Simple geography alone is always going to be a significant factor in what does and does not affect us globally. The United States occupies a continent which it shares with only two other countries. This means the US essentially only needs to maintain good relationships with two other nations to keep its borders largely protected. Most of the rest of this world does not enjoy this luxury. Most European countries share a much closer proximity to war-torn countries where massive human rights violations regularly occur. This gives them much less ability to simply turn a blind eye to these issues because they don’t affect them. While the Unites States may have a greater ability to turn a blind eye to these issues, it can seriously damage the good relationships it enjoys with most of the nations in Europe.

10. Protecting human rights affects our individual relationships with our own neighbors

While becoming involved in protecting human rights on a global scale is important, it’s just as important to work hard in our own communities to protect the human rights of our own individual neighbors. No society is perfect and most people have friends or family members that are experiencing human rights violations of some kind even in the most developed of nations. Whether it’s the inability to access basic medical care, homelessness, poverty or issues relating to incarceration, there are a number of inequalities that exist in every country including our own. When we show that we actually care about these issues and the importance of human rights for all, we build and strengthen our relationships with even our own individual neighbors.

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