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     Spanish: �Los médicos nos ayudan y nos curan!


     Sometimes I get sick. My nose gets stuffed up, or I get a sore throat. Sometimes I fall down and get hurt. Once I broke my arm. I had to wear a cast for six weeks. That was not fun! When I am sick or hurt, I go to the doctor. Doctors help us by treating our illnesses and injuries. Often a doctor will give a patient medicine to make him well. Other times, he or she will give a patient instructions. If a person follows these "doctor's orders," he or she will feel better soon. Doctors can also help us when we are healthy. They help to keep us that way! Doctors teach us how to take care of our bodies. They remind us to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. Sometimes, they

The Doctor Essay

SubjectWrite an English essay on The Doctor  Essay  in your words.
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The doctor is a very important and useful person. He works in hospital and dispensary. When a person is sick, he examines him. He finds out the cause of illness. He gives medicines to cure the illness. He saves lives of people. He is always cheerful and ready to help people. He works so hard and he does not take proper rest and sleep. He does noble work. We should be thankful to him and give respect to him.

Meaning Of Hard Word

  • Noble– having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles

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