5.12 Criminal Justice Essay

Personal Interest in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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We are all faced with articles and news reports detailing crime occurring all over the world, crime that affects all types of communities, crime relating to religious, gender and age differences to name but a few. I have always paid close attention to the punishments handed out to criminals, in which I always seem to find myself debating on whether these punishments have been fair or are un just.
I am particularly interested in the Criminal Justice System, and the different agencies involved such as the Youth Justice Board and the Police Service. I am extremely keen to learn more about their aims and how they operate, and work together, as well as the history behind them. I aspire to become Social Worker, working primarily with…show more content…

I studied AVCE Health and Social Care and found that the modules and research I undertook throughout this course was a great foundation into further study. During my first year of this course I was given the opportunity to conduct a research method relating to the ‘Dietetics’ module I was studying. I studied two participants with different dietary requirements, one participant was vegetarian and the second was diabetic. I investigated using both primary and secondary methods what they would eat on a daily basis, then created a weekly eating plan for them both based on the research I gathered. I went onto to analyse and compare the two, finally concluding the research. I really enjoyed this as it was an invaluable experience being able to work on such an independent basis and get involved in practical study, using a range of different methods and resources. One of the things I enjoyed most during my academic studies was participating in the debates and discussions surrounding the courses, everyone was exposed to varied opinions and observations and different views were challenged which I loved to be part of. I really enjoy topical discussions as I can consider different views and opinions I may not have previously considered. I love visiting

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