Cs401 Final Term Papers By Moaaz

You can download CS601-Data Communication Solved MCQs and Subjective papers in pdf and word format from the links Given Below:

CS601 Final Term Paper Sample :

Question No: 1   

An unauthorized user is a network ___________ issue.




        All of the given

Question No: 2  

Which is not an element of protocol



        communication service module

Question No: 3 

_______ is a multipoint topology.





Question No: 4      

Unidirectional traffic movement is overcome by dual ring technology.



Question No: 5 

Physical layer define characteristics of interface between device and _________

        transmission medium

        another device

        another peer physical layer at other side


CS601 Final Term Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

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ascii extended

sp incremented by 2

zapx8 intel advanced processor extension88

the priority of irq0 intrupt is high

irq2 is derived from keyboard

question answer

q,1   device driver name,

q.2  vesa stand for,

q.3  name bios video series,

q.4  cli instruction.

q.5 multitasking operating system

q.6 parameter pascal and c

 q.7 int21 register character


mcqz   visa an orgnization 16 color bit for every pixel 5,6,5 format.

q.8 if the address of memory location num1 is 0117 andits content is0005 then after excution 

mov bx num 1 bx wil contain.

 q.9  visa service into view describe the purpose of instruction

mov ax,0x4f02

mov bx 0x4117

 q.10   display a thick counter on the top of right side of console what will the following instruction

add di,0x30

mov dh,0x07

mov word [es:8*4],timer

mov es,ax



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