Co5 Business Communication Paper Assignment 8

Xeniya ShulepovaStudent #: AC1603779C05 Business CommunicationAssignment 0402/18/2017Part AThink about your own experiences with both effective and ineffective communication, and selectone (1) example of each to analyze.(1) Briefly describe each of the two (2) scenarios– one related to a personal experience with effective communication and one related to a personal experience with ineffective communication. Describe whether each scenario is an example of effective or ineffective communication, providing at least two (2) supporting facts for each scenario.Effective communication:I wanted to ask for a raise. I thought of what I wanted to say, how I am going to say it, my achievements, how my expertise grew. One day I saw a perfect opportunity, my bosses just came out of the meeting, a successful one, their spirits were lifted, basically, they were happy with the outcome. I decided that it was the time to make a move. I askedif they had a few minutes for me, they agreed to see me. I went into their office and all went according to plan. I pointed out how the process of bookkeeping got easier and

C05 Business Communication Assignment 04 November 4, 2014 Part 1: (Effective Example) My first professional communication was with a man about his airplane; I was offering a monthly waxing service to him. We had a face-to-face communication; it started with me politely introducing myself. I went on to explain to him that he has a nice airplane, and why it would be good idea to let me clean it. I told him how it will work, and also how much it will cost him. My polite and reasonable approach is what led me to persuade my potential customer to allow me to wax his airplane. (Ineffective Example) I was selling an item on Craigslist, and I received a call from someone who wanted to view it. I told the person he could come view it after 5:00 pm. The person I was speaking to did not understand the time I was referring to, and ended up coming to look at my item while I was away. He did not get to view the item, and therefore I did not sell it. I realized


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